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O papel sinistro dos Capacetes Brancos | The sinister role of the White Helmets

É sabido que na montagem do alegado «ataque químico» em Douma – já desmentido por vários repórteres estrangeiros que estiveram no local e entrevistaram os habitantes --, «ataque cujo único propósito foi justificar o ataque com mísseis dos EUA e aliados – esse bem real e que não esperou pela chegada da delegação da OPAQ --, tiveram papel principal os chamados Capacetes Brancos.

Quem são esses Capacetes Brancos? Que papel desempenham em geral?

Em vários sites de notícias que consultámos a informação sobre eles é escassa. Encontrámos, porém, um artigo da AbrilAbril, da autoria de Manuel Augusto Araújo, que proporciona uma informação fundamentada sobre eles e que recomendamos.

Para o leitor que não lê português deixamos ficar abaixo a tradução em inglês.
It is a known fact that in the fabrication of the alleged "chemical attack" in Douma -- already denied by several foreign reporters who visited the site and interviewed the inhabitants -- an “attack” whose sole purpose was to justify the attack with missiles of the US and allies -- a real one that did not wait for the arrival of the delegation of the OPCW --, the main role was played by the so-called White Helmets.

Who are these White Helmets? What role do they play in general?

In the several news sites we have consulted the information about them is scarce. We have, however, found an article in AbrilAbril, authored by Manuel Augusto Araújo, which provides well grounded information about them and which we recommend.

For the reader who does not read Portuguese, we leave below the English translation.

The false façade of the white helmets
By Manuel Augusto Araújo, AbrilAbril, Sunday, April 22, 2018

They are in Portugal. It is a good time to unmask this humanitarian terrorist organization whose mission is to whitewash the military actions of the Daesh and al-Qaeda for the public opinion.

*   *   *
The White Helmets have already arrived in Portugal, with strong echoes in the media, as expected. They are supported by a powerful propaganda machine funded with the strong assistance of the Saudi Arabian Wahhabites, of which one of the most active is the billionaire Hani Farsi, financier of a documentary about this NGO invented and organized in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a security expert and former British military secret agent with a long history in some of NATO's most controversial theaters of intervention: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.
Le Mesurier is a product of the British elite of the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, and has also been integrated into a series of top-level missions by the United Nations, the European Union and the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Follow the Money

The first major financiers were the Saudis, then seconded by the foundations of Georges Soros and the governments of the United States and Britain and other Western countries, plus the gifts made through gatherings that are crumbs but make up the photo. In 2016, some sources estimate that this "group of volunteers" received about 300 million dollars.

Not all support is visible, such as the one of USAID, well known for its links to the CIA in the reconversion or attempted reconversion of regimes that evade the hegemonic US sphere in South America, Ukraine and the Middle East. In its July 2015 report, more than 16 million dollars are registered with the White Helmets.
Once the patrons of that troupe had been disclosed, the London newspaper The Telegragh sought to minimize the negative mpact of those revelations by highlighting the "humanitarian role of the White Helmets in Syria", while recognizing what before, with great vehemence, Western governments and media networks linked to them had denied: that the White Helmets were integrated into the ISIS and Al-Qaeda, a fact illustrated by a photo of an ISIS mercenary guarding a White Helmets store where a flag of the Islamic State was raised. In reality they are a façade to whitewash the al-Qaeda terrorists and their heteronyms. It is they who do the human face make up of terrorism.

War propaganda for tender hearts

The White Helmets are assisted by a group of experts on propaganda. It is a well-built machine that fabricates videos to stir the soft hearts of many people of goodwill, innocent and truly concerned about the victims of a brutal war that has never been a civil war -- another big forgery.

They are part of the pinwheel of NGOs working actively to meet the goals of US secret agendas and their varied intelligence services. Their great effectiveness comes from mingling with the NGOs that do commendable humanitarian work. They can even raise honest people in their support and in their ranks, as has happened with other NGOs. Some realize their true objectives when, in the eagerness to quickly achieve results, the bosses issue orders that run counter to the ends of these organizations. This has happened in various parts of the world where they have acted and act: Yugoslavia, Libya, Tunisia, and Sudan. At present they are most active in Syria and Iraq.

The “civil defense” of the Islamic State

When the White Helmets appeared, whoever commanded them was so confident in the advance on the ground of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State that they did not refrain from publishing videos of joint confraternizations celebrating victories. There are still some of these videos on You Tube, though most of them have been deleted and one cannot find a few more of them where they appeared in the beheading sessions mixed with the tormentors at a time when this horror was very popular. In fact the White Helmets operate as the Civil Defense of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, the priority of their humanitarian activity has always been the terrorists. They were and are their paramedics.

Once the euphoric time passed away, there emerged the videos saving civilians from the rubble. The excitement of the bloody days when Isis and al-Qaeda occupied a large part of Syrian territory was ending and it was urgent to change the image. Now the videos were multiplying with this new face, from Aleppo and Ghouta, to pressure public opinion on the imminence of the terrorists being defeated -- as it happened.

Lights, action, cut!

Many of these videos were staged, as was demonstrated. If any doubts persisted, it was the rebels themselves of the Syrian Revolutionary Forces who removed videos of rescue operations by the White Helmets, after many of their followers stood against the clear falsification of the filming.
The images of a girl who was rescued at three different locations from miles away, the one of a man being saved from the ruins of a bombed-out building, who freed himself from the hands of his two saviors without problems and full of life -- certainly due to negligence in the cutting of the film or because they were so confident in their power to convince that they thought no one would notice -- became famous. In another video, even more brazen, they tried to revive a mannequin, making him a victim. The evidence did not withstand the most distracted look, and the SRFs excused themselves with such ridiculous rhetoric that it is not broken by a laugh because of the seriousness of the situation on the ground.

The propaganda to which Portugal does not escape

A well-oiled propaganda machine, which includes their coming to Portugal, promoted them as the non-political NGO that they never were. They even managed to get a documentary, paid by Saudi money, about their action on the ground, where their true essence is hidden and their humanitarian work highlighted. A documentary that was candidate to the Oscars and obtained some international awards.

Films and videos are a powerful propaganda and forgery gear. If anyone has doubts, check out all the films about the Vietnam War. Those of Coppola, Apocalypse Now, Kubrik, Born to Kill, Oliver Stone, Platoon or The Hunter of Michael Cimino -- probably another six films -- give a brutal picture of the war, which merely for the excellence of their quality are not buried in the other almost a hundred where the favorite heroes are Stallone and Chuck Norris, much more widespread on television, where it even seems that the United States has won the Vietnam War, a fact the Vietnamese obviously do not know.
The White Helmets propaganda is so effective that some have tried to get them nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which would ease their financial backing and put them in a gallery alongside Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who launched 100,000 bombs and missiles in seven countries, put US military forces in 138 countries -- 60 in the time of George W. Bush -- increased tenfold drone utilization, reaching all civilian and military targets, increased expenditures in military operations at $ 18.7 billion. They would not look bad in such companionship and would illustrate that gallery where peace is a black hole.

A parenthesis for the "fake news"

The war in Syria, since it was unleashed, is an enormous mystification, as José Goulão, in AbrilAbril, has fully demonstrated. The White Helmets, since their inception, are an important piece in this gear and they work hard -- they are paid for that -- in the whitewashing of the terrorist forces. Masked with the humanitarian cover, they are the main source of information and diffusion of "fake news", raising a fierce attack to the advances in the field of the Assad regime. Their reports spread like viruses through social networks, irrespective of their being true or false. They are skilled and experienced in fabricating successes to bleed pious souls around the world and provide evidence that makes irrelevant any other source for the US and its allies to take action against the Syrian government and its allies. The last great performance was in Ghouta, as they had already done in Aleppo. It had an irrefutable aim, to try at least delaying the attacks of the Syrian army for the terrorists to recover, to rearm and, if possible, not to be defeated. They are among the most active agents for the horror of war to last. They are entirely and actively part of this horror about which Robert Fisk's report to The Independent, in Douma, is enlightening.

Returning to Portugal

This "humanitarian organization" is now here, in Fafe, at the invitation of the Just Earth and being the target of several fundraising actions. It is one of their many publicity and public relations activities that they organize with recognized efficiency in the western countries, taking advantage of the connivance of the media at the service of the oligarchies. Around here, they have had media coverage with great impact with the particularity of having not failed in labeling the terrorists as rebels, a delightful euphemism.

Contrast this coverage with that given to Maria de Guadalupe, the Argentine missionary nun who was in Portugal reporting her experience in the Syrian war. While the White Helmets, the paramedics of the terrorists of the Isis, of Al-Qaeda and their heteronyms, are multiply incensed and propagandized, Maria de Guadalupe had almost no air time and, despite her distancing from the conflict, she even became nicknamed the diabolical nun. Another episode of the damnation of these times we live and the enormous manipulation that surrounds us.